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is your home at one with nature? let us help.

We have a solution For all your lawn care and landscaping needs

"Licensed & Insured"

More Than just Lawn Care & Landscaping 

Flowers, shrubs, and trees are nature's paint; make your landscapes expressive, beautiful, and captivating with the right selection.  We will work with you to  create your own personalized landscape. And help the environment in the process.

How much time do you spend a week maintaining your lawn and gardens, and how much is that time worth?  Our Basic Packages start at $25.00 per visit, and is comparable to the  actual expense of private lawn care to a homeowner. Reclaim your weekend, let us do the work so you can relax with your professionally maintained lawn.



Murray Bros Lawn Care & Landscape Services

We have a solution For all your lawn care and landscaping needs

We make it beautiful, We make it healthy, You make the choice!

Why we're different

The majority of our company growth is through organic referrals. Neighbors of our clients see our work and become our clients. We do more than simply mow lawns, plant shrubs, arrange trees, and maintain watering systems. We create a complete visual package that works with your architecture's aesthetic and your surroundings. We believe that meticulous care of your landscaping is the most important step in building curb appeal and more importantly enjoying your property.


You will absolutely love the work we do for you, whether it's Lawn Maintenance, Gardening and Weed maintenance, re-sodding your front yard, or sealing your driveway. At Murray Bros Lawn Care & Landscape Services, we treat what we do has a form of high art: it's beautiful, elegant, timeless, and expressive.

Lawn Maintenance